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Saturday 27-06-2015

Hi its Saturday morning and I am about to go and watch the Waitohi under 6yrs Ripper Rugby team play the Renwick team.  I went last week what a hoot its well worth watching if you get the opportunity. 

Just a couple of photos of Owen with some good fish he caught a week ago .. Owen is a traveler for a fishing goods company. Would not mind knowing what he used to catch them with eh?

Saturday  18-07-2015

I went fishing with the Crow Fishing Club on the charter boat Nimrod skippered by Captain Hapuka aka Dave Fishburn. Dave has been around fishing for quite a while now and really knows where the Hapuka hangout.  There was a storm forecast and we thought we could race out to Cook Strait catch our lot and get out of it before it struck, a good plan but  as the old proverb says even the best laid plans go astray.

We had just got out there and the sea blew up in 2 passes over the spot there was 7 groper on board with only 3 fishers at a time.  As I said Dave knows where the fish are but being a mere mortal he cant control the sea.  Guess who got seasick? I was the only one but at least I was in the cabin out of the rock'n'roll.  Was very glad when they pulled the plug and headed for calmer waters where we proceeded to fish for Blue Cod and Tarakihi which were caught in abundance and helped to make up for the lack of Groper.

So if you are wanting a fishing charter in Picton  drop a line to captainhapuka@xtra.co.nz. or visit his webpage www.pictonfishingcharters.com

Monday  03-08-2015 Sea Bed Destruction.THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT.

I don't know how many of you are aware of the damage that is occurring in the Marlborough Sounds. Try to get hold of the article in the Marlborough Express 26th July in which Rob Davidson reports that an area of sea bed ecosystems (the size of Blenheim and its suburbs) has disappeared since the late 1980's, this equates to an area of 1431 hectares.

There are 5 sites that have shown a decline in size because of trawling, dredging and sedimentation from logging activities. Sedimentation from logging was smothering some ecosystems while boats anchors and bottom trawling for scallops is damaging vulnerable habitats.  Rob Davidson reported this to the Marlborough District Council's environmental committee and said if the council does not move to protect these areas they will be lost.  These areas play a vital part in the food chain for marine life as well as give protection to juvenile fish while they grow.

MDC coastal scientist Dr Steve Urlich said that Rob Davidson's report pulled back the aquatic curtain in the Sounds for the first time and because these areas are unseen we are unaware of our collective impact that is causing severe disturbance and a decline of our most significant habitats of which there are relatively few remaining. If we think about these habitats as Marlborough coral reefs, which are being damaged and destroyed, they need protection and restoration.  Dr Urlich also said the council did have the power under the Resource Management Act to control seabed disturbance and that council was considering this in the review of the Marlborough Resource Management Plan.  Lets hope that the council will act quickly and not procrastinate until it is to late .Marlborough ecosystems being destroyed.

Original articleMarlborough Express July 26 2015